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HemBridge is a Hematology Community online platform developed by Egyptian eminent Hematologists in collaboration with Roche Egypt to disseminate the scientific knowledge, leverage Egyptian medical services and increasing the collaboration and interaction between Hematologists all over Egypt.

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Our courses has been developed by Hembridge board and core members
to increase accessibility for Hematology data

4 Lessons

Hemophilia A: Disease Overview

General overview on Hemophilia disease etiology and burden.

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5 Lessons

Surgery Using EHL

Optimization of the use of CFCs for peri and post surgical prophylaxis would improve efficiency and also reduce the risk of inhibitors development.

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6 Lessons

Non–Replacement Therapy of Hemophilia A

Current and future therapeutic techniques in the management of Hemophilia A.

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5 Lessons

Overview on Prophylaxis in Hemophilia

An overview of the prophylactic approach in PWHA covering various types and regimes different patients can go through.

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1 Lesson

Immune Tolerance Induction in Hemophilia

Inhibitors are associated with significant morbidity, including an increasing rate of bleeding complications, higher disability and a reduced quality of life. Up to now the unique strategy that has been proven to be able to eradicate inhibitors is immune tolerance induction (ITI).

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Featured Experts

Prof. Amal El BeshlawiProfessor of Pediatric & Pediatric Hematology, Cairo University
Prof. Galila MokhtarProfessor of Pediatric Hematology,
Ain Shams University
Prof. Magdy El EkiabyMSc MD, Head of Blood Transfusion & Hemophilia Centre,
Shabrawishi Hospital
Prof. Mervat MattarProfessor of Clinical Hematology,
Cairo University
Dr. Naglaa ShahinConsultant of Pediatric Hematology, Cairo University

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